Day of Prayer, brings hope!

National Day of Prayer is one of the most important days for Christians.

prayer (1)

Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome to have a special day to celebrate and recognize prayer. At our Young Life Campaigner meeting we each made a list of  5 things we wanted to pray for. There were 3 specific groups:

1) Family
2) Personal
3) World

I went to the meeting feeling a little down. If we allow it, life can take us so low, which is why it’s important to have  good, Christian fellowship. Each person prayed for finances and employment. Our group consist of people from 15-30 years of age and each person had the same two prayer needs. We could feel each others pain and needs. We each knew, or at least had an idea of how it felt to be uncertain about our well-being. But as we prayed for one another we gained strength and hope to continue on. I’m a fervent believer in prayer…in the good times and in the bad–it brings joy and hope.

National Day of Pray is important but I want to encourage each of you to pray daily. Really get in tune with God and devote time to your prayer life. I promise that you’re life will be different. Your problems may still exist, but you have an uncanny belief that God will bring you out. While you’re praying make sure you find someone else to pray for. Often times, we feel like our situation is the worse and that no one else understands. That’s such a lie. That’s why communication and fellowship is key.

Keys2Hope: 1) Get a prayer life
                       2) Maintain your prayer life
                       3) Communicate with someone to find out their needs & pray for them
                       4) Get a strong and dedicated prayer partner or group

“I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting” (1 Timothy 2:8)


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