Captivated by Sparks of Happiness

Today was busy, great, and exciting…one big spark of happiness. I declare God is faithful to keep our hope renewed. Sometimes, things get a bit overwhelming, since I’m human, sometimes I feel like giving up, then God provides a spark of happiness, joy, and hope! One author describe it as “God winks,” when God winks at us through His blessings or things that make us smile.

God winked at me today…well He winks at us every day, sometimes we’re too caught up in our problems to see it. But today, I was attentive . Let me back up…a few months ago, Colin Gunn, film producer/director of Gunn Productions contacted me to be a part of a documentary film “Captivated” produced by Phillip Telfer with  Media Talk 101. I’m a journalist so anything with media in it sparks my interest, especially Christian media. Naturally, I accepted the wonderful opportunity.

 Today was the first day of shooting the film, which means I was the first interview. It’s always a pleasure sharing my testimony with others. After I finished my testimony, I had to do a mini photo shoot at Mt. Trashmore by the beautiful lake surrounded with dandelions. Overall, it was a great experience. I met Phillip’s daughter, a wonderful cameraman, and great Christian film makers.

 Keys2hope, despite our trials and concerns God will not leave us hopeless. At times it seems like God has forsaken and forgotten about us, but His word does not lie. He promise to never leave nor forsake us…through His God winks or sparks of happiness; I draw strength, encouragement, and hope.

 Later, I was able to see many of my Young Life Booker T. student leaders graduate from high school. What a blessing. I’m so happy to have been involved in their growth. Cheering for kids is what we do in Young Life, today I believe I cheered real hard as I heard their names being announced. I’m excited to see how God will use and direct them.

 Lastly, I had a productive meeting with my area director and we are preparing for Young Life Summer Camp at Windy Gap in Weaverville, NC. God is providing funds and resources for this endeavor.

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Young Life Windy Gap Summer Camp 2011




My little sister and I during cabin time at Young Life Windy Gap Summer Camp

Is there anything too hard or too big for God? No!!! He’s all powerful, all knowing, and yes, He cares about us. “For God so loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son.”

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