What Designer Label are you Wearing?

I love shopping! Most girls do, and I’ve found that a lot of guys do too. Guys especially love shopping for shoes. Of course, it can’t be any kind of shoes, it has to be Jordan’s, Vans or whatever is hot on the market. One thing for certain it has to be a designer name. It has to be the authentic label.

Last year my little brother was obsessed with Polo shirts and Levi Jeans…it’s so hard shopping for boys. I never have a problem shopping for my little sister, but for my brothers…man, it’s expensive.


My little brother thinking he’s grown and too cool! Now a Sophomore in college with a track & field scholarship (#proudbigsister) 


For Christmas I decided to buy my brother a couple of Polo shirts and Levi Jeans. I went everywhere trying it find some affordable, yet authentic Levi’s. I must have went to 10 different stores, but finally I found him the “real” deal. Boy, was I happy. Unfortunately, I had equal difficulty trying to find Polo shirts. Marshall’s and T.J. Max even have those “look-a-like” Polo shirts, with the oversize horse in the corner. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wearing those, but I was searching for the authentic designer label. My little brother is explicit with what he wants for Christmas, and I appreciate that! So many times I thought I found the right shirt, but it was the one’s with the large horse. We continued searching until we find the “real thing.” After all day, we found what we were looking for. Here is what I learned:

We sadly get disappointed when something states its “real”, but isn’t.

This is how people feel when you say you’re a Christian, yet lack the actions of a Christian. People want to see an authentic Christian. It’s disappointing when you act like a Christian around certain people, but around your peers you act differently. That’s hypocritical, fake, unreal and so forth. As Christians we are called to wear “Christ’s” authentic label.

Being a Christian means to be Christ-like. We are to conduct ourselves as Christ would conduct himself. I learned this amazing quote from Young Life: “Preach the Gospel always, but when necessary use words.” We are to live preaching the Gospel non-verbally, and when needed be able to give an answer to “every man that ask you a reason of the hope that is in you…” I Peter 3:15:


A group, Sidewalk Prophets sang “Live Like That”, one line says: “People pass, even if they don’t know my name, was I evidence that I’ve been changed”. Are you evidence that you’ve been changed? No one knows your testimony or experience with God like you!

No, this doesn’t mean you’re suppose to be perfect, but if Christ has entered your heart, it should show. People should see a difference in you. It is time for us to be unrestrained, uninhibited, and unashamed for Christ!

If we’re wearing a designer label, we’ll wear it with great pride. We’re wearing the greatest designer of all times. No one could ever duplicate it…God hand-woven you to be you…to share His great love like only “you” can.

Keys2hope Seek God daily, ask for strength, quote your favorite scripture, listen to your favorite song before going to school or work, and pray over yourself.

Lastly, remember John 15:16“You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever you should ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”

God has chosen you! What an honor to be chosen to wear His label. He has ordained (called) you. So you were chosen and called. Walk forward in hope and encouragement.

May the face of God shine upon you…may you have continued hope in Christ! Enjoy the video:




7 thoughts on “What Designer Label are you Wearing?

  1. What a good blog. You are so right and this is a very good way to demonstrate why authenticity in being a Christian is important.

  2. “If Christ has entered your heart, it should show”; “It is time for us to unrestrained, uninhibited and unashamed for Christ!”

    These are timeless truths. THANK YOU!!!

    – Buife

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