Love Never Dies

Live, Love, Laugh…I am reminded to live out that motto more so now than ever before. Recently, I loss my 25-year old cousin. In his short life he taught me so much about being happy and not “sweating” the small stuff. My cousin, Jacqwon, at the age of three, became deaf from falling off the back of a moving truck. My grandmother never really got over the fact that she did not persist on taking him to Disney World that summer with the rest of the cousins–though he was much younger and my uncle (his father) was unable to come.


Jacqwon at our grandmother’s house in North Carolina (2008)

It’s hard to describe Jacqwon’s life. He lived with my grandmother and uncle for the first few years of his life. Later, moving back with his mom. Although, he was raised in a liberal environment, he somehow managed to remain sheltered and untouched by what life had offered him. I was always grateful that his mother allowed us to be a part of his life and allowed us to instill faith and hope in God in his life. I deemed it one of my life’s missions to protect him as much as I could. I would later learn that it was much harder than I thought.  Nevertheless, we had some great and challenging times .

Jacqwon was more like a little brother to me–and we know how younger siblings can act (ha, I know because I’m one). He taught me about the deaf and hard of hearing community, American Sign Language (ASL), and how to lip read. He inspired me so much that every major school project from high school to graduate school was about the hearing-impaired community. He was passionate about life, learning, and developing himself. That passion and love resonated to everyone he encountered. We didn’t always agree, sometimes, we just stopped to talking to each other–you know, like those sibling tantrums. But one thing about Jacqwon, he always knew who really loved him and those he could always count on. I promised him that no matter where he was in life, no matter how many times we became disconnected due to outside forces–I would ALWAYS find him. I am so grateful that God allowed me to hold true to that promise. 


Skipping a lot of details and fast forwarding to those last moments of Jacqwon’s life. 

I remember is mom reaching out to us informing us of Jacqwon’s failing health–none of us knew what it really meant and a lot of the details were a blur. It was about eight months prior to Jacqwon’s death and I was traveling a lot for work and couldn’t conceive the notion of Jacqwon possibly dying. It just didn’t seem fitting for someone of his age and passion for life. I would visit Jacqwon each time I returned from traveling–he never seemed to be in any grave conditions. 

I remember receiving a phone call from him mom–I believe in September, she was planning to throw Jacqwon a big birthday party (even though his birthday was in June). Jacqwon LOVED his family, especially his cousins (that was the last birthday party he would ever have). Due to prearranged work travels, I was unable to attend–til this day I regret missing that party, but it was that very party that caused me to stop traveling for work and spend the next few months with Jacqwon. My eyes always get watery when I share this part of the story. 

I watched his health decline week after week. I remember Jacqwon being told to remain in bed, but he was strong-minded and determined to get up. One particular incident, was when he had to use the bathroom–he struggled to get out of bed–weak and barely able to stand–yet, he fought, because he knew that was the proper thing to do. Let me tell you, Jacqwon was a very heavy guy! He had gained lots of weight from the medication. Can you imagine his mom and I trying to help him to the bathroom, help him stand upright, while he was heavily sedated. Oh my!

I recall him struggling to greet each person and attempting to sit at the dining table to entertain his guest. I watched him, heavily sedated to the point where he could barely open his eyes nor sign, but he always attempted to–sometimes he would stop in the middle of signing and we would have put his hand down. It was by far, one of the hardest things I had to endure. Jacqwon, just loved people and loved entertaining others. He was so grateful and excited to see everyone who came to visit him. 

It was December 11, 2014, the day before Jacqwon passed away. I planned to stop by to visit him for two hours before heading to the gym and going into work. That plan never happened. I arrived at his mom’s house to find that he was having a bad day–barely able to breath and agitated. I stayed with him for several hours, not realizing that would be the last time I saw him alive.

I received a called on December 12th at 4:30 am. Jacqwon had passed…speechless, unable to move, breathe, nor hear…my entire world had turned upside down. For the last six months, I was there holding his hands at various hospitals, taking him on outings, and visiting him at his mom’s, and all at once it ended. It didn’t seem fair. Did God mean for that to happen? What about all the plans he had…we had to help him?

Keys2Hope-I just keep saying “God doesn’t  make any mistakes….He makes all things beautiful in his time.” I had a lot of questions, but I knew ultimately, God was at work. It certainly did not make the situation better. I tried to remember all the things I was thankful for…like being one of the few cousins to really know Jacqwon and live life with him. I thought of all the weekends we spent together, all times he wanted me to teach him how to write in English, or how we could laugh at wrestling on TV, and I don’t even like wrestling. This was probably one of the hardest times to not question God. I thought about his life and all the challenges and roadblocks he kept having. I knew that God saw the bigger picture and always does what’s best for us. 

At his funeral, one of speaker’s said Jacqwon wrote on his Facebook page:

“That a friend is someone you can be completely stupid with.” 

Jacqwon was that friend. I am honored to have lived life with him. I have learned that love does not die when the person passes away, rather it increases with the memories you have of them. If you love, care, and appreciate someone, spend time with them and tell them often. Give your flowers while they are still alive. While you’re at it be sure to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH everyday!


14 thoughts on “Love Never Dies

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. It will be a difficult journey with out him i’m sure. thank you for the reminder to give while people are still here to enjoy it!

    time – such a precious gift



    • Barbara, thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your understanding and kind words. I am excited to read your blog. It’s great to see how other’s deal with the loss of loved ones.

      Be blessed!

  2. This is one of the most difficult subjects for me to even think on. I keep thinking that if I linger on it I may never stop grieving. However, as you stated, God does not make any mistakes and ALL things work together. Please believe me when I say I truly praying for your strength sis. I know what he Jaqwon meant to me and I know what he meant and still means to you. Love you much. This is a beautiful piece.

    • @eternalwordstudent–thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a heartfelt comment. I agree, I am unable to linger on the thought of Jacqwon nor the fact that I will never hear from him. But we can rest on the great memories and times we spent with him. I am praying for you as well.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m so glad you were able to spend time with him before he transitioned. That’s a blessing all by itself.

    Thank you for sharing your personal story at such a hard time in your life.Just know that your post is very encouraging and serves as a reminder to appreciate people while we have them. #bloggercaregroup

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your cousin. It is so hard to lose someone we love but your article was extremely encouraging. It is good to let others know how much you care and love them. Sometimes we all get caught up in things that really don’t matter and we forget to be thankful. Praying for you and your family. #bloggercaregroup

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss! I’m so blessed by your example- to remind yourself- in spite of your pain and questions- that God is good and our times are in His hands- that truth will see us weather the storms of life. praying for you right now- blessings- #bloggercaregroup.

    • I’m a firm believer that words of hope and God’s love extends to all people. A testimony can speak to anyone that has a heart to listen. Thank you for visiting! I know you miss him and that this is hard to read. My our memories of him live forever.

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