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cropped-cropped-cropped-logo_png-watermark-keys2hope.png A creative space to share hope, love, encouragement, guidance, and Biblical perspective on issues faced by adolescents and millennials.

It’s a space where people can openly, but respectfully express themselves, share struggles, and ask questions pertaining to life and growing in their Christian faith.

Keys2hope seeks to provide adolescents and millennials with spiritual guidance through personal testimonies, stories from the news, and the use of  media. Readers will always leave with a sense of hope and a word of encouragement from God’s Word. Keys2hope seeks to show and explain how God loves each and every person on this earth and how He has a plan specifically for each individual.


This blog was birthed from my love and passion for adolescents and millennials. After living through the Great Recession while in graduate school and suffering the effects post graduate studies, I believe God gave me this vision to keep myself hopeful, to encourage and inspire others who may face life challenges.

Growing up in church was always exciting and full of life! Many young people I attended school with and some I interact with today, always described “being saved”, “being a Christian”, and “being a church kid” as boring, too strict, corny, and missing out on the joys of life. However,  as an adolescent and young adult I never felt I was missing anything. My church had a nice size youth group and we were always doing something–either hanging with my youth group after Friday night service, attending Saturday youth meetings, going to Monday Skate Night, Bible study, choir rehearsal, hosting youth nights, singing at other churches, or planning our own youth banquets and events–we were always busy!

Fellowship Hall for church Fish Fry


















I want to share the joys of being young and saved. Our greatest joy and hopefulness comes from a personal relationship with Christ and then sharing it with others.

I hope all who visit my blog will receive a new hope in their life that will strengthen their spiritual journey.


One of my Young Life girls pie-ing me at Summer Camp


Image may contain: 16 people, people smiling

Representing CurrentFM Radio @ Kingsfest w/Friends (I’m in the black t-shirt)


Happy reading and sharing. God bless!


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